pikice What is the ECHO Project?

The European Collaboration for Health Optimization (ECHO) project is an international effort to bring together the hospital databases of several European countries and make the data available via an online summary tool.

Access, quality and efficiency are growing concerns in healthcare services in Europe. However, comparisons between countries or even between regions within a country are not immediate and easy for the public health scientist, health care manager or policy-maker. For example, if you were a health scientist in Portugal wanting to compare trends in cancer treatment between Portugal and Spain; where would you start? You would have to begin your own research project and contact relevant authorities in both countries.


By putting large amounts of records into a common framework, and then allowing flexible access to that information, the ECHO project aims to make such studies direct and fast. Access to care equity efficiency and quality indicators will be all brought together and made available for summary statistics and analyses.

As a large collaborative project aimed at collation and practical use of hospital data, the ECHO project is keen to hear from any additional research institutions that wish to join the effort at a later stage by negotiating the contribution of their national data. To enquire about this or any other aspect of the project, please see the ‘contacts’ tab.
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