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In the section with dissemination materials you will now find 2 presentations from Enrique Bernal: one from the OECD's Health Care Quality Indicators Expert Group (22-23 May, Paris, France), and second presented at a NIVEL event / HSR meeting ‘The international dimension in comparative health services research’ (15-16 May, Utrecht, the Netherlands).

- Jun 11, 2014 -

Dr. Enrique Bernal presented the ECHO project at the Patient Safety and Quality Working Group, which caused great interest with policy makers from the Member States. The presentation is available here.

- Mar 04, 2014 -

A report on the ECHO breakfast session at this year's European Health Forum Gastein has been published and is accessible here (p98 and further).

- Feb 02, 2014 -

The ECHO Final Conference took place 13 November at the SQUARE in Brussels. Individual presentations are available in the section with dissemination materials, or click here to download them all in one package (ZIP file). Pictures that have been taken are available here.

- Nov 14, 2013 -

The consortium is currently well represented at the Wennberg International Collaboration in the US (http://wennbergcollaborative.org/) where the latest findings of the ECHO project are presented.

- Oct 17, 2013 -

The ECHO Final Conference will take place on 13 November in Brussels as a EUPHA preconference symposium. For a full programme (and link for registration) please click here

- Oct 09, 2013 -

An early ECHO breakfast session was organised at this year's European Health Forum Gastein. Enrique Bernal (IACS) and Jeni Bremner (EHMA) had the absolute pleasure of being joined by Mark Pearson (OECD). For some pictures please click here.

- Oct 09, 2013 -

In case you have missed the ECHO sessions at iHEA in Sydney and the EHMA conference in Milan, you can join us this autumn to learn about the project's results! On Thursday 3 October an ECHO breakfast session will take place at the European Health Forum Gastein (where we will be joined by Mark Pearson, Head of the Health Division at the OECD), and a full-day ECHO conference will occur at the EUPHA conference on Wednesday 13 November! More information to follow soon!

- Jul 25, 2013 -

IACS presented an update on the ECHO project at the OECD’s meeting of the Expert Group on Medical Practice Variations on 25-26 April 2013. This presentation and several others, including very interesting country case studies are available on the website of the OECD (please click here).

- May 22, 2013 -

The ECHO project will be presented at the iHEA (International Health Economics Association) 9th World Congress in Sydney – 6-7 July 2013. The session “Analysing Unexplained Variations in Performance to Increase the Efficiency of Health Care: Case Studies from the ECHO Project” will include four exciting presentations – for more information please click here.

- Feb 26, 2013 -

Some highlights of last year include presentations on the ECHO project for key audiences. These include presentations at the Wennberg International Collaborative (September 2012); 2 presentations at the OECD Expert Meeting On Medical Practice Variations (April 2012); and a presentation with the European Commission DG SANCO (October 2012). We are also proud that ECHO was presented at the Health Policy Seminars at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.

- Feb 26, 2013 -

The ECHO midterm report is now available on this website. This midterm report informs you about the progress achieved during the first stages of the project.

- Oct 18, 2012 -

ECHO partners participated in the Wennberg International Collaborative (WIC) – a research network committed to improving healthcare by examining organizational and regional variation. A presentation was given providing insights in the progress of the project and some early and preliminary results.

- Sep 28, 2012 -

Do you understand Portuguese and would you like to know more about ECHO? Céu Mateus, our expert from the Portuguese National School of Public Health (ENSP) explains what ECHO is about in this video!

- Jul 24, 2012 -

ECHO tool call for tenders launched The call for tenders to award a contract for the development, implmentation and maintenance of the online tool for the ECHO project has been launched. Deadline for submitting bids is 28.03.2012 Please click here to access to the tender documents

- Feb 16, 2012 -

ECHO featured in the Spotlight section of the Health Services Research newsletter Please click here

- Oct 07, 2011 -

ECHO at EUPHA Conference ECHO project has been selected to participate at EUPHA next 11 November 2011 with a workshop entitled “ECHO: Dealing with validity and reliability in a performance measurement project”.

- Sep 07, 2011 -

ECHO project at the King’s Fund The ECHO project will participate at the King´s fund Reducing unwarranted variations Conference next 15th September. The ECHO coordinator will deliver a presentation titled "ECHO: new insights into equitable access, quality and efficiency of health care in Europe".

- Sep 01, 2011 -

The Wennberg International Collaborative 2011 Conference. ECHO "work in progress" will be presented and discussed with policy-makers, researchers and other stakeholders next 15 September 2011 at the London School of Economics.

- Aug 08, 2011 -

Presentations from the ECHO session given at the EHMA Annual Conference are now online: http://www.ehma.org/?q=node/861

- Jul 26, 2011 -

Press release on the third project meeting available on CORDIS WIRE: CLICK HERE

- Apr 20, 2011 -

ECHO Steering Committee & Scientific Advisory Board, Bruxelles 4-6th April 2011. the press release can be downloaded at the following link: [LINK TO PDF-297KB ]

- Apr 04, 2011 -

The European Commission published a booklet regarding public health research projects in Europe and beyond, featuring the ECHO project. The booklet can be downloaded at the following link: LINK TO PDF -3.01MB

- Feb 09, 2011 -

Project kick off meeting: Press Release available on Cordis Wire - read it [LINK TO EXTERNAL WEBSITE]

- Jan 01, 2011 -

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